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Happy Dragons Story & only 2 days left!

With just a little over 2 days to go the project is coming to an end. 

Again I can't express how happy I am or how grateful I am to all the backers! I know I've said it before but I love you all!!! 

Happy Dragons Beginnings:

This sculpture line has been a dream of mine sense I first drew & sculpted what I called a Happy Dragon. I've drawn & sculpted dragons for as long as I can remember but the first "Happy Dragons" sculpture came to life sometime around 2004 



First Ever "Happy Dragon"First Ever "Happy Dragon"




2nd Ever "Happy Dragon"2nd Ever "Happy Dragon"


As you can see Happy Dragons have had some major changes in the last 10 years. They have gone from Asian style dragons to Western style dragons but the cute look, small size & name always stuck. Oh & they are so much better sculpted now LOL




The first official "Happy Dragons" art started around 2007, tho I was drawing cute style dragons long before then. Growing up I wanted to be a Disney animator so my style has always been a bit on the "cute" side. 




 I started doing a series of cute dragons doing everyday things like celebrating holidays or even enjoying a splash in the pool




 And don't worry the original Asian Dragon even made an appearance 




I've continued this series of artwork to this day ^_^ 




The new & improved Happy Dragon sculpture was made in late 2013 




And was the first to feature the cute style eyes like the artwork. All the Birthstone Dragons will have painted on "cute" eyes unless you pick to have just solid black eyes. 

Then came January's Birthstone Dragon sculpture based off my art.




Which is now cast & waiting for paint!

And then there was "Mine!" the new & improved Happy Dragon




This little guy has definitely evolved from the early concepts in 2004.  

So you can see Happy Dragons have come along way from their origins & I will continue to improve the dragons all the time. Again thank you all for allowing Happy Dragons to take flight! 






3rd Happy Dragon "Day Dreamer"3rd Happy Dragon "Day Dreamer"




3rd Happy Dragon "Day Dreamer"3rd Happy Dragon "Day Dreamer"


"Day Dreamer" is the 3rd in the line of Happy Dragons & as a Kickstarter exclusives it will feature a real stone in the tail. 



4th Happy Dragon "Dragon's Horde"4th Happy Dragon "Dragon's Horde"




4th Happy Dragon "Dragon's Horde"4th Happy Dragon "Dragon's Horde"


"Dragon's Horde" is the 4th in the line of Happy Dragons & will also be a Kickstarter exclusive that features a real stone in the tail.







Lots of dragons awaiting paint. I liked the look of the base colors so much that I wanted to share. If we make it past $7,000 I'll offer a cool dark color theme called "smoke" the dragons will be black & grey with green or red eyes, silver or gold horns and a metallic colored ball (not sure which color will look best yet) 


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