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Baby Pixie up for adoption

This little baby pixie is looking for a good home! CLICK HERE 

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Baby goblin up for adoption

This little baby goblin is looking for a good home. CLICK HERE


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New Goblin Art Doll on Ebay

Meet "Gizmo Silversprocket"

He is a watchmaker that likes to "borrow" human size watches so he can make ones for goblins
This guy has taken the longest so fare of any of my dolls.  He has a ball jointed neck so he can look up & down & from side to side.  He stands about 9" tall with a polymer clay…

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Art Doll Quarterly

I'm so happy to share that 2 of my dolls will be featured in the Spring 2014 issue of Art Dolls Quarterly.  Look for it to hit news stands in February.

Doll Collector Magazine will also be doing an artist profile.  Issue to come out later in 2014, & I'll be sure t…

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Belladonna Lacewing

Meet "Belladonna Lacewing" a one-of-a-kind Female Goblin Doll


She stands about 9" tall is fully posable with pretty glittery wings & comes with lots of crystals

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My Dog Koda

So this weekend was a nightmare :( One of my dogs almost died from a medication that is commonly given but not safe. As a warning to anyone out there that has pets please read the information at the bottom under The Impact…

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Needle Felted Dog

Little needle felted German Shepherd dog. About 4" tall to the top of the ears and 6" long from the tip of the nose to the tip of his tail. Needle felted over a wire armature so he can be posed. Hand-painted German glass eyes, and hand-sculpted polymer clay nose.

Up for bid here~https://www.faceboo…

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Coffe Bean Baby Goblin

This little guy is up for sale on Etsy CLICK HERE

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Baby Fairy Re-listed on E-bay

 Baby fairy is re-listed on E-bay CLICK HERE

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Baby Fairy 20% goes to GlobalGiving Oklahoma Tornado Relief Fund

 New baby fairy.  CLICK HERE 

20% goes to GlobalGiving Oklahoma Tornado Relief Fund


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Mushroom Farmer Goblin

New goblin art doll up for adoption on E-bay

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New Baby Goblin

Baby Goblin

Baby Goblin up for adoption on E-bay! Click Here

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Ferdinand Goblin Art Doll


More pictures & full story here~

About 9" tall 
Mixed Media all hand-made & fully posable

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New Goblin Art Doll

Grendel Cinderkey the Goblin One-of-a-kind art doll 

For sale CLICK HERE 

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Goblin Art Doll on E-bay

 photo DSC07162_zps4914938c.jpg

Meet Pippin the Goblin.  Pippin is looking for a good home ^_^

100% hand made and fully posable

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Robin's Relief Art Auction

Robin Sullins, mother of four, avid dog rescuer, artist, friend-of-fairy tale, was bitten on Christmas day while breaking up a family dog squabble. Her body reacted uncommonly, and violently, to a common dog bacteria. Her fingers and legs have been amputated, and she's on dialysis after multiple kid…

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Valentine's Day Pixie Dragons

New Pixie dragons for 2013 just in time for Valentine's Day CLICK HERE 

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New Pixie Dragons

New Pixie Dragons for sale! Including 2 Pixie Dragon Pendants! 

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